Hello there, you've stumbled across the Polly Seeds Network, maintained by Lali the webmistress of this website. My website is dedicated to housing my fanlistings, and sharing my other current interests. I often take upon several projects at the same time and always move on to the next new project, which leaves many of them unfinished. That's why this website is intended to help me keep track of all my projects I must finish. Although I overwhelm myself with a handful of projects, I always put a lot of dedication to my work so I hope you enjoy them as well!
~♥ Lali



I finally added a contact form to the contact page and updated my nework page. It took long because I just didn't feel like adding the codes, but now the pages look a lot better.:D


Wow, it's been a year since I last updated this site. Well, I have great news I finally was able to complete my Time Leap website like how I intended it to be. :D


Woot! I finally finished my first TAFL fanlisting, Time Leap. It kind of took me a while because of the Holidays.^^;; Anyways, I think the layout looks nice, but I'm still not satisfied yet. So I will slowly keep working on it.:D

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